Wicking Garden Bed Frames

wicking bed close up

Wicking beds are low maintenance, low water usage gardens.  Perfect for busy people who love growing their own veggies and flowers.  The garden beds have a water reservoir underneath the soil layer and the plants are watered by the wicking action of water being pulled up through the soil straight to the roots where it’s needed.  And of course the fact that they’re raised beds is also a bonus.

Remember to do a pH test on the soil before planting!  The great thing is that you can pour liquid fertilisers or pH stabilisers straight into the reservoir and let the wicking action do the work for you.

We are in the process of building an entire raised veggie garden out of these wicking beds.  Here is how it looks so far.

wicking garden

These two gardens were planted on the same day at The Old School Community Garden in Stirling, South Australia.  On the left is a wicking bed, on the right, a no dig garden.  The wicking bed plants are thriving!

TOSCG wicking bed comparison

We use recycled timber frames. In the standard kit you get 2 frames, one of which is pre-drilled for the overflow pipe, liner, geotextile layer, water inlet pipe, water overflow pipe and detailed easy to understand photographic & written instructions. In the 3 high kit, you get another frame & liner.

The frames are hinged, ready to make a standard sized bed of 1200mm x 800mm x 200mm high. The pins can be removed from the hinges and joined to other frames to make any size or shape you want. Or you can stack the frames as high as you like.